Full-Length Plays

The Witches of Birnam

A new king is rising to the cursed throne of Scotland, doomed, like his predecessors, to lose his soul. Suthen, Edith, and Leinster, powerful women with a legacy of secrets, fight to break the curse and save their people from the coming storm. Their only hope lies in gaining the trust of Gruoch, the future queen. With their unimaginable power at her fingertips, she can be Scotland’s salvation… or its doom.

An exploration of ambition and corruption, honor and betrayal, madness and redemption, The Witches of Birnam is intertwined with Shakespeare’s Macbeth, delving into the motivations and struggles of Lady Macbeth and the enigmatic witches. It is the tale of the battle for a country, told through the legacy of its queens.

Staged reading at Babes with Blades Theatre Company’s Fighting Words Festival, May 20th, 2018.

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